Denmarks National Reform Programme 2018

The Danish economy has entered a phase of stable growth and increasing employment. GDP-growth has been around 2 per cent the last two years, and is expected to continue growing in the coming years. Danish economy is thus approaching a cyclical upturn. The cyclical upturn may last for several years, but depends on a sufficient labour supply. Structural reforms will help create room for further, sustainable job growth.

Denmarks National Reform Programme 2018

Every spring, in the context of the European Semester, the EU member states submit their national reform programmes, which describe the countries’ structural reforms. Furthermore, annual stability and convergence programmes are submitted focusing on medium-term macroeconomic projections and public finances.

Denmark’s National Reform Programme 2018 presents measures that Denmark has taken in order to comply with the country-specific recommendation from EU received in July 2017. It also describes the Danish implementation of EU’s growth strategy (Europe 2020). Furthermore, the overall economic framework for the Danish economy is presented based on Denmark’s Convergence Programme 2018.