Structural Monitoring - International Benchmarking of Denmark

Structural Monitoring - International Benchmarking of Denmark

The structural monitoring system provides a comprehensive mapping of Denmark´s international position in a number of key areas:

  • Productivity and business conditions
  • Welfare and public service
  • Transport, infrastructure and environment
  • Overall conditions

The purpose of the structural monitoring system is to measure Denmark´s position in relation to a number of affluent countries in areas that determine prosperity and welfare. The system can thus be instrumental in directing the focus towards the need for adjustments so as to ensure Denmark a ranking at the top of the list of countries enjoying great prosperity and a high level of welfare also in the longer term.

The publication is an English translation of the Danish edition “Strukturovervågning - International Benchmarking af Danmark”, published by the Danish Government in May 1999. The English translation was published in August 2000.