The Social Pension Fund (SPF) invests in listed bonds

Seeing that the central-government carries the interest rate risk on the financing of the subsidised housing that receives governmental debt service support, it is the intention to cover this risk in connection with the auctions of adjustable-rate mortgage bonds in December.


Economic Survey, August 2009

The Ministry of Finance has published the August 2009 edition of its Economic Survey. The main points in the survey are:


Budget Outlook, August 2009

The central government budget proposal for 2010 is presented today. The proposal includes substantial increases in public investments.


Budget Outlook, May 2009

For 2008, the final account for the central government reflects a surplus on the current, investment and lending account, i.e. the CIL-account, of DKK 72¼bn. A deficit of DKK 21½bn is estimated for 2009, cf. Budget Outlook 1, May 2009.