Budget Outlook 3, December 2012

Budget Outlook 3, December 2012 includes an overview of the central government budget for 2013 and updated estimates for the central and general government finances.


Denmark releases its digital raw material

Out with costly parallel registration by public authorities. And in with growth, innovation and jobs. These are the consequences of an agreement between Local Government Denmark and the Danish government to improve and link public registers of basic data and to make data available to the private sector.


Budget Outlook 2, August 2012

Today the Danish government presents its central government budget proposal for 2013 and the Ministry of Finance publishes Budget Outlook 2, August 2012.


Lower public deficits, Budget Outlook 1, May 2012

Today, the Ministry of Finance publishes Budget Outlook 1, May 2012. A key message is that lower public deficits are expected compared the December estimates. The lower deficits are primarily due to larger revenues from the pension yield tax and personal income taxes.