Overall objectives

The Danish ministry of Finance supports the government in pursuing a sound economic policy that enhances growth and productivity, ensures the efficiency of the public sector and promotes the sustainable development of the climate and the environment.

The Ministry of Finance is an analytical powercenter, where employees can realise their full potential and develop into leaders of tomorrow.

The Ministry of Finance acts as a single corporation and is a role model for efficient management and development of operations in the Danish public sector.

The following main areas are especially important in contributing to sound economic policies:

  • Analyses of macro-economic developments
  • International economic co-operation
  • Work on the Finance Act (the Budget) and ongoing budget analyses
  • Negotiations concerning financial and economic issues with local authorities and the county authorities and
  • Administrative policy contributing to ensuring efficient public institutions

The Ministry of Finance must be capable of providing the Minister of Finance and the Government with the highest level of professional assistance based on the current economic situation.

Moreover, the Ministry of Finance also plays an independent role in underpinning sound economic development through contact with Ministries, agencies, NGOs, other external partners and the press.

Overall objectives may only be obtained through either internal or external cooperation. This requires all executives and staff to be aware of their responsibilities, behaving in a manner that inspires confidence and trust in their relations with all their partners.